Physical Exam

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Physical Exam services offered in Indianapolis, IN

A physical exam is an important part of any visit you make to your health care provider. Bryant King, MD, is an internal medicine physician who takes a patient-centered approach to care. Whether you’re coming for your annual physical exam or need help managing an acute illness, you can expect a prompt, punctual, and informative visit. To schedule your physical exam with Dr. Bryant King, call the office in Indianapolis, Indiana, or book online today.

Physical Exam Q&A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a routine part of every visit you have with Dr. King. During a physical exam, he examines your current health status to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease.

When it comes to patient health, Dr. King puts your needs above all else. He’s punctual and prompt, starting your physical exam at the scheduled time and providing informative and comprehensive care. And Dr. King never rushes through an appointment.

You can always expect a minimum of 20 minutes with Dr. King during your appointment.

When do I need a physical exam?

You need a physical exam every time you visit Dr. King. He performs physical exams when you come in for acute illnesses or the management of chronic health conditions.

However, everyone needs an annual physical exam. Your annual physical exam is the most important health visit of the year. 

During that exam, Dr. King evaluates your overall health and well-being, assessing your current health status and risk of future health problems. Your annual exam also helps you stay on top of your health goals and gives Dr. King an opportunity to help you make changes now that might prevent illness later.

Your annual physical exams also give you and Dr. King an opportunity to get to know each other and develop a very important patient-provider relationship. The more comfortable you feel with your health care provider, the more likely you are to share your health concerns.

What happens during a physical exam?

The specifics of your physical exam with Dr. King depend on the reason for your visit. In general, you can expect Dr. King to ask questions about your health concerns, medical history, and family history.

He also reviews the types of medications and supplements you take, your usual diet and exercise habits, and your daily routine. Dr. King does a physical that includes:

  • A measurement of your body composition
  • Checking pulse and blood pressure
  • Listening to the lungs and heart
  • Looking at the ears, eyes, nose, and throat
  • Testing vision and hearing
  • Assessing skin, muscles, and joints
  • Evaluating internal organs

Dr. King may also perform diagnostic tests to screen for health conditions and diagnose a health problem.

After your physical exam, Dr. King talks to you about his findings and provides recommendations. 

For a patient-centered approach to health, call the office of Dr. Bryant King or book an appointment online today.